Food Experiments

Eating vegetarian and cooking more things from scratch (because we’re buying organic and processed organic food is expensive) has forced me to become more creative in my cooking. I’ve read through lots and lots of vegetarian cookbooks lately (just got this one from amazon) and I look up at least 10 things each day on my favorite site, I used to get cravings before (nope, not pregnant) and then just run out to buy whatever I’m craving, but now I look it up on allrecipes and make it. Yesterday morning, it was donuts. They turned out pretty well, definitely satisfied my craving and dirtied up some dishes.

Friday night I made Chickpea Pilau, a recipe I found in a curry cookbook. This is the real deal, and required some interesting ingredients (cardamom and cinnamon sticks, which I keep around for making chai) and cooking methods (see photo below).


It had an interesting flavor, very savory, but you’ve got to watch out for those peppercorns! Next time I will probably just use black pepper. It would probably make a better side dish but I’m not sure with what. Here’s the finished product.



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