Getting in shape

It’s so crazy that what started out as an experiment in vegetarianism is slowly impacting the rest of my life. I realized that I can’t get upset at big farms that spew chemicals into the ground and air if I am driving my car around spewing chemicals into the air. Same goes for my garden: no more chemicals. I’m going to have to find another way to corral the grass. It’s been inspiring me to to take care of my house, my husband, my friends, my neighbors, my girls.

So all this inspiration has been leading me to make changes. First, I’m trying to bike places more. I biked to the bank and post office a couple of days ago and realized several things:

  1. I’m really, really out of shape.
  2. I need to fix my brakes. The squeal really loudly whenever I stop.
  3. It is very, very hot outside.
  4. Water is a wonderful gift of God
  5. I cannot carry a bag that hangs down where my foot is because every rotation of the pedal I hit the bag with my foot and throw myself off balance.
  6. It doesn’t take much longer to do errands on a bike versus the car.

Also I have been doing more work outside. Yesterday I mowed the lawn for the second week in a row because dh is working his butt off on our business. I certainly sweat a lot, but I’m enjoying getting outside more, even to hang the laundry on the line or take kitchen scraps out to the compost bin. I feel like all of this, along with getting me more in shape physically, is connecting me more with God’s earth and even with God because I can see Him, touch Him, taste Him in the world that He created.


One Response to “Getting in shape”

  1. TAE Says:

    Panniers are available for bikes. I’d like some, but for now use my backpack.

    It’s awesome to know someone (note the word “one”) else besides me and Jeremy Weathers is trying to bike for more than excercise in Siloam!

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