What McDonald’s is Good For

B and I have been trying to stay away from the fast food for multiple reasons:

  1. We’re vegetarian and there’s not much to eat that doesn’t contain “meat” of some kind or another.
  2. Ever seen Super Size Me?
  3. I’m not a big fan of beef production in general (as of recently) so I’m trying to stay away from any company that relies so heavily on it.
  4. It’s difficult for me to see the impact that American exports like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are having on the rest of the world, where local diets are exchanged for the “American” food.

That said, I did end up at Sonic today and ordered fries because I was starving and an hour away from home and with some of my girls who were also starving and they picked Sonic (not like there are many other options in Jay, OK). I’m trying to think of other things to eat/have on hand when I am out visiting my girls, since there is not a lot of organic/healthy/vegetarian options available.

Anyway, back to McDonald’s. I have been stopping by the local franchise to pick up…boxes! Yes, McDonald’s has a huge amount of exactly what I need for my own future food development. This is what I have been working on:


I’m trying to get rid of all this crazy grass for next year’s more organized garden. Yesterday, I pulled up the cantaloupe vines (you can see the final products sitting in the box – some not quite ripe yet) and shoved them in the compost bin (read “glorified trash can”). You can see some of my sad tomato plants in the background. I weed wacked some of the grass and B finished the rest later. I am anxiously awaiting my $30 truckload of mulch from the city to lay on top of the cardboard. This should kill the weeds, keep the soil moist, and keep nutrients in – all without scary weed killing chemicals. Yay!

I did notice this interesting box from Mickey D’s. Folded egg? Do you think they come from free-range chickens? 🙂 dsc_0011.jpg


One Response to “What McDonald’s is Good For”

  1. Dausta Says:

    It looks and sounds like you are well on your way to having yourself a really nice garden for next year. You are right when it comes to fast food. They really should take into consideration that more people really are wanting to eat healthier.

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