Left Behind

…No, not the book series.

I was reading Matthew 4 today, where Jesus calls Peter, Andrew, James, and John to follow Him and be “fishers of men” (v. 18-22). What struck me was that all these young men left something behind. Matthew even kind of repeats himself with parallel stories. Peter and Andrew “left their nets” and then James and John “left the boat and their father.” It’s a Jewish storytelling tradition that when something is repeated it means the author is emphasizing a point. It seems to me like Matthew is making sure his readers know that following Jesus means leaving something behind.

That something is different for every person, but there’s always something. What do I need to leave behind? There’s lots of things, but what sticks out in my mind is my need to control everything, to be productive, to have everything figured out. Jesus says he will make us fishers of men, but that doesn’t mean I can schedule when the fish are biting or try to pick what kind of bait I use. That may be a poor example, but today I want to choose to leave behind my boat, my strength, my will and just follow Him.


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