A Prison without Bars

I wish I could find some statistics to back up my experiences, but I am so frustrated right now with the inequalities of poverty. Sure, if you are poor you are more likely to go without food and to not be able to afford transportation, rent, etc. but why is it that poverty also seems to bring about:

  • higher rates of rape?
  • lower education?
  • more occurrences of abuse?
  • poor nutrition?
  • poor health?
  • higher rates of depression?
  • higher rates of crime?

I can logically explain all these answers. Poverty seems to create a space where there is no safety, no stability, no hope, no future. I wish I could explain myself cohesively and clearly, but I just found out that one my girls was hurt deeply over this past weekend and I all I can say is that I’m mad at this evil space that poverty creates. It just…sucks.

Why is that my friend, who I see is trying so hard to get back on her feet, must again suffer in this way? Why does Satan seem to throw all of his attacks at the same people again and again? Shouldn’t they get a break once in awhile? And how can I make a difference in the lives of my poor friends that will truly make a difference? Is it possible to break into the evil space of poverty and help someone make an escape? It feels like trying to break someone out of prison.

In all of this I know Jesus still says that He has come to bust people out of the bars of prison. His promise is freedom and peace. Please, Jesu, bring it soon.


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