New Life


One of my girls from Right Start had her fourth (and final) son this past Monday. He is gorgeous and his name is Norman. 🙂 Seeing him yesterday brought me complete joy and has made me think about the blessings that come with children. One of my favorite movies is Children of Men, and it shows a world where no one has been able to have children for 19 years. Everyone is literally hopeless because there is no one to carry on life. When we see little infants we are reminded that life continues, that God is still at work, the He is a wonderful creator. And to me, Norman is a fresh slate. He is new. He hasn’t experienced trauma or suffering. He has every God-given good thing within Him, ready to live life. What a precious gift children are to the world because they remind us that life isn’t about our to-do lists or making money. Life is about just that…life. And it is an incredible gift from God.


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