When God is in Control…

So I should probably set a specific time to write on here every day. Sometimes I just feel so uninspired but I really have a lot of things to write about.

For instance, I co-lead a girls lunch at the Colcord High School yesterday which went amazingly well. There were 61 girls there (that’s probably more than half of the girls in the school) and we are going to be talking about the tough subjects that girls need to know (as in sex, drinking, guys, body image, media influence, etc.) The girls are (incredibly) excited about the group. We stumbled upon the name GO for the group – Girls Only, and the girls are already talking about making t-shirts and getting a page in the yearbook. So yay! I’m so excited to build relationships with these girls and see the ones that really need it get into Right Start. God knew I really needed a “success” this week because I’ve been pretty discouraged with Right Start. But I know He is still in control and He is guiding me. I just hope I am listening.

Also, today is International Peace Day. Please go to their website and watch the video. See people unite and fight against a common goal always gets me going. I wish I had known about this before today. I think I will be praying and planning about doing something next year, possibly in the church, possibly with the Right Start girls. But today I am committing to pray for peace and know that God sees everything and cares for the smallest child.


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