Last Friday I completed my first Wham-ik. What is Wham-ik? Well is the pronunciation of O.A.M.C. or Once-a-Month-Cooking. The “wham-ik” name was created by my husband, who loves making words out initialisms (okay, Brad and I just had a 3-minute conversation about acronyms and initialisms – because my husband “is pedantic” – don’t ask).

Anyway! I spent Thursday and Friday morning of last week chopping 35 tomatoes, 15 onions, 2 bunches of green onions, 2 green peppers, 12 potatoes, 2 carrots, 3 celery stalks…I don’t exactly remember everything. Then after all the chopping and cheese grating, I put together 18 meals that will be spread out throughout the month. We eat about two meals out each week – one at the Ranch where I work and one at small group. Every once in awhile we eat out at a restaurant. So the Wham-ik was absolutely exhausting, especially the second day. If I had started earlier on Thursday I could have gotten everything done in one day so that is the plan for next time.

All in all, I think Wham-ik is going to be wonderful. I already pulled out the meal for today and it is thawing nicely in my fridge. I’ve spent about $175 less on my grocery bill for the month and I will have meals from today until November 9 (which is incidentally the day we are leaving for a 2 week vacation – Woot! Anyone want to dog sit?? 🙂 ).

I think eventually we may have to get a deep freeze for the garage as long as I can keep this up.

On another note, I am going to try (harder) to post every day here. I have been procrastinating writing this post because I wanted to have a picture (probably of our freezer full of food) but I think I just need to make it a goal to write for now and then maybe once I can successfully accomplish that, I’ll think about adding pictures.


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