Yesterday was a wonderful and full day of Right Start. I usually have 2 support groups that meet on Tuesdays. The first group meets in Colcord and the second in Siloam. There is a lot of driving, talking to parents/guardians, phone calls (“Do we have group today?” “Yes, we have group every Tuesday.”) before and in between those times. Last week I had been super discouraged because there was only one girl in each group. One is the hardest number. I would rather have none than one. Anyway, I have been trying to just trust God with it all. I know that the numbers don’t matter. I just matters that I am faithful to do the work and to love on the girls.

This week at the Colcord group we had six!!! Oh my goodness! I had also been praying that the girls that come would be girls that really need to be there. And that is certainly the case. It was great fun to lead that many girls and surprisingly less stressful than just one or two. They also listened better during the lesson and contributed more during the discussion time. All in all I was completely pumped up by that time!

Then I went to pick up girls for the Siloam group and got one. I was able to spend a lot of time in the van with her because I had to go very far to check on the other girls. We had a really good discussion about money and her family, so I consider that time well spent. I decided to drive her home after spending about an hour in the van visiting other girls. So we headed back (this would have been about a 40 minute journey). And it started pouring. And. I. Mean. Pouring.

We were in the middle of nowhere, halfway to Colcord, which is halfway to her house (if you can figure that out). It was dark and I couldn’t see the road. And did I mention it was dark. We spent about an hour and a half driving at about 20-30mph. Literally, I don’t think that I have ever been that scared in my life. I was shaking and praying to myself and just trying to hold it together because my friend and her 2-year old were in the van with me.

The whole time I was thinking about how Jesus calmed the sea during a storm, especially about how He told His disciples that they lacked faith when they were afraid they were going to drown (I had read this story only a couple of days ago). I just kept praying for faith and reminding myself that I should not be afraid. God was with me.

Finally I got my friend and her daughter home. Then I turned to make the should-have-been-15-minutes journey home. That took about a half hour but at least it was on a main road with more light than the back roads we had been on. A lot of that time I was thinking about how God is with us in the storms of life – literal and otherwise. I think this whole experience was a great picture for me the next time I go through a struggle. If God could protect me in that storm, even though it shook me up, He can surely protect me in any other kind of storm in life.

I felt very blessed just to have made it home safely even though I was still shaking. And I enjoyed 2 episodes of House with Brad before crashing in bed. I let myself sleep in this morning. I think I needed it.


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