A Decision

I have been a bit worried about voting for president next year. I haven’t really felt educated enough to make any decision. I have been thinking a lot about Obama because I think he would enact change and bring new life to the executive branch but I don’t like some of his stances on certain issues (for example, health care). I think, however, I have decided to vote for Dennis Kucinich. I struggle with this because I know he has a smaller chance to win, but I really believe that I should vote for the person that I think would make the best president, not who is more likely to win (I think messed up on this point in 2004).

There are issues where Kucinich falls further left than I would like (i.e. abortion and gay marriage) but these are issues that I haven’t really decided on exactly for myself. The issues that he is focusing all his energy on are issues that I completely agree with. Here is a quote from a speech he gave in November 2006. I agree with every word:

“America is losing its way at home and in the world. We have no money to rebuild America’s cities, but we have money to blow up cities in Iraq. No money to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to shelter the homeless in America, but money to rain death, destruction, and starvation on Iraq.

Once again, the hopes of people of two nations are being smashed by weapons in the name of eliminating weapons. Let us abolish weapons of mass destruction at home. I am from the inner city. I have inspected these weapons.

  • Joblessness is a weapon of mass destruction.
  • Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction.
  • Hunger is a weapon of mass destruction.
  • Poor health care is a weapon of mass destruction.
  • Poor education is a weapon of mass destruction.
  • Discrimination is a weapon of mass destruction.

Let us abolish such weapons of mass destruction here at home. Eight and a half million Americans are unemployed.

Bankruptcies are up. The number of uninsured without health care is up. The price of prescription drugs is up. Poverty is up. Crime is up. Homelessness is up. Hopelessness is up. Fear is up. Let us use the trillion dollars which some would cast upon Iraq in bombs and warring troops, instead for the restoration of the American dream, to rebuild our economy, to rebuild our cities and to expand opportunities for all.

Those who say we can have guns and butter do not know the cost of guns and do not know the bread you would put your butter on is being stolen. America may spend over a trillion dollars for war in Iraq. America can give a trillion dollar tax cut to the rich, spend a trillion dollars to put weapons in space, but not a dime more for temporary assistance to needy families.

I believe the American people are people of strength, wisdom, and courage. They have a right to expect their government to be truly representative! It is time to say stop this war. It is time to recognize that the terror we visit on the people of Iraq will bring terror to our own people. Bring our troops home.

Come home, America. Come home and fix your broken streets and mend your broken dreams. Come home and rebuild your cities and create full employment, put millions who are unemployed back to work. Come home and establish a living wage, let workers share the wealth they create. Come home and provide affordable housing. Come home and provide single-payer, guaranteed health care for the 41 million Americans who suffer illness with no relief. Come home, America. Come home and provide free public college for all who aspire to attend. Come home and act affirmatively to make sure that all opportunities are afforded to all Americans.”

I’d encourage everyone to do some research on who you will vote for. This is important. And I am going to continue to follow Kucinich and make sure that he is where I should put my vote in 2008.

I found On the Issues to be a very helpful site. It shows how the different candidates have spoken and voted on every issue!


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