Now returning to our regulary scheduled programing

Sorry for the break, folks. I was gone to the conference for about 5 days and then had to jump right back into Right Start stuff. I’m making changes to the program again. I’ll be focused strictly on matching mentors with high schoolers in the community and then supervising those relationships. I’ll be doing a lot of recruiting, working with local churches, trying to build as many mentor/mentee relationships as possible. So I’ve been doing a lot of writing/statistics-finding in preparation for talking to pastors and churches.

The conference was absolutely amazing! I learned so much and it was so exciting for me to be able to sit in a room with 2000 other people who are doing or want to do what I’m doing. It’s hard to really summarize the things I am taking away but one of the most important things is relating to the community you’re working in. For example, if I am just driving out to Colcord a few times a week, I really am not making those people my neighbors, understanding the situation they are living in. It is easy to minister to the poor. It is not so easy to minister with the poor, to work with them to create change the community. So I’ve been thinking about that a lot and what it would mean to work with the community more.  I’m definitely going to the conference next year, which is great because it’s in Miami.

I think I am still processing the things I have learned, which is why my thoughts are so scattered. I hope to get something more thoughtful out tomorrow but now I have to go work on some more Right Start prep.


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