Busy Christmas season is upon us

We have lots of parties and retreats and dinner with friends coming up. This weekend was crazy.

On Thursday with put the Christmas tree up. That required a bit of rearranging to fit everything into our little living room but I think it looks fabulous. We are also now opening our house up every Thursday at 8pm for friends to come watch The Office and Scrubs with us. This tradition we are taking over from friends who just moved to California :(. No one showed up last Thursday but it we told everyone really last minute.


Friday night we attended a Wine and Cheese party with, ironically, most of our friends from church. It was seriously the most fun I have had in awhile (not counting our 18 day vacation in November because that was heavenly). I don’t really like wine (the first one I tried tasted like rubbing alcohol to me) but the company was wonderful. Oh and I discovered that I like champagne. We definitely do more with all those people. I was thinking it would be fun to do a coffee tasting party also.

Saturday we went to our friends’ son’s one-year old birthday. So cute. He was very into the cake, especially the frosting. That night I took some of the Right Start girls to the Siloam Springs Christmas parade and then back to my house for dinner. It was a little stressful but I think all the girls enjoyed it. I just wish I would have had more time to talk about the real meaning of Christmas.


These are some of the of our kids on the Community Ministries float in the parade (I designed the sign – w00t!).

Sunday Brad and I were at church all Sunday – him playing drums and me running the computer. When we came home, we realized that Zoe (our cat) was not around. We checked all over the house and then thought that she must have gotten out the night before when the girls were here. Yikes! We went door-to-door in the neighborhood, asking if anyone had seen her. Nope. So we just had to give up and wait for Monday to call the animal shelter. We had friends over for dinner and while we were chatting in the living room I heard meowing at the back door. Yay! It was Zoe. She was smarter than we thought and found her way home! I don’t know where she was but she was certainly hungry.

After such a busy weekend we were exhausted.



One Response to “Busy Christmas season is upon us”

  1. Emily Says:

    Great pics! Glad to hear your update! =)

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