More Christmas Thoughts

Still thinking a lot about Christmas. Brad and I are trying to figure out what to give people. I want people to feel cared for but also that most of our money goes to people who really need it around the world (who in America really needs another $10 candle?).

Today I found that Kiva (a microloan non-profit) does something really cool: you can purchase a gift certificate from their site. Then your recipient can go to the site and choose who they want to receive their loan. In about 6-12 months when the loan has been repaid, your recipient can choose to withdraw that money and buy something they want/need or re-invest the loan with someone else. Now that’s good thinking! You’re introducing others to the world of microloans and serving the needy with our money, but if they really just want the money (some people just aren’t ready yet) they can get it eventually.

Here are some other websites I’ve found with unique Christmas/gift ideas: – Friends of ours direct this ministry and they have a store where you can buy several different Christmas albums for whatever-sized donation you choose. The latest album is a 2-CD set with the gospel message on the second CD.


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