I added a new page to the site for books in order to keep track of the books that I read this year. I already finished one. My goal is to read fifty. I think I made it last year but I lost track near the end. I already have a list of books to read that has over fifty titles on it, so we’ll see.

In other book news, Brad’s book is finally out. We got a copy of it last week, and it is beautiful! I’m so proud of him!


2 Responses to “Books”

  1. Emily Says:

    OH my cow! I didn’t know Brad was writing a book. Wow! Congrats to him on finishing! =) Making JBU proud I’m sure.

  2. rose4jc2 Says:

    Yay for more reading 🙂 I wish I did more. My dad gave Tyler and I a copy of
    “Serve God, Save the Planet” that I am going to start soon. The beer bread is actually a mix! I tried a recipe off and it was TERRIBLE. So salty and disgusting, we threw it out. The leader of my women’s group sells Tastefully Simple products, they have an amazing beer bread mix, I bought a pack of 3 last month and have made 2 in the last week already! It’s delicious, we always make it with our favorite Blue Moon beer and serve it with hot herb cheese dip. Wow now I’m hungry again, lol.

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