How many meals can we eat out?

This weekend I didn’t do a lot of cooking because we ate almost every meal with friends. Now, that was nice. Friday night we drove up to Fayetteville and had dinner with a friend who I met when I worked at Starbucks and her husband. We enjoyed the amazing cooking, finally learning how to really make spaetzle. I will have to try that at home soon! We spent a long time there sipping wine and mineral water and watching their little baby boy jump around and laugh.

Saturday I had to get up early and head out to the Ranch to train some new mentors. Training is long – 3 hours! – but it excites me to see new people get involved with our kids! We took the new mentors out to eat at a Chinese restaurant in town – oh, how I miss good Chinese food in Chicago! Then I went home for a brief time of knitting and napping. Later I went over to friends’ house to help them set up for the grand opening of their photography studio. Aus10 studio, which is in their home, is an incredible place. I’m hoping to use some of their design style in our new home! They are also amazing photographers so check out some of their work!

Sunday I went to the early service at church and came home to make lunch. I fell into an I’m-actually-enjoying-cooking time and so made two different soups and Ginger cookies. The soups are really more for the hubby to eat while I am gone this week, so I haven’t tried them, but the cookies were awesome! I will post the recipe soon. I stuck the soups in the fridge to save for Brad when friends invited us over for lunch. I never pass up time with friends! We had a great conversation about evangelism – more on that later also. Then, back home to knit and nap again, and we had dinner and Bible study with our small group that night.

It was a great weekend, though now I am feeling the need to be alone and read and be introverted. It is ice-raining right now, so I’m not sure if that means I “should” stay home to work or go down to the Ranch to work. The weather is crazy! I just hope it doesn’t snow/ice so much that I can’t get to the airport or to Chicago tomorrow! I am supposed to fly out to spend a week looking at houses and being with fam. So, cooperate snow-clouds!


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