A-round and round we go

I started my first pair of socks a week or so ago, the 9-to-5 Sock Pattern from Nicole Hindes. It is real sock yarn, fingering weight and I’m using size 1 dpns (double-pointed needles for all the non-knitters out there) so let’s just say it’s a bit slow going for me.

I’ve been reading lots of knitting blogs and posts from my friends on Ravelry, and I just can’t understand yet how some people knit socks in a week. I’m still on my first one! I’m hoping to have just one done by the time I head back to Arkansas next Tuesday. In any case I’m learning a lot about knitting on small needles and also how to do certain stitches like ssk (slip-slip-knit) and the stitch combinations that create this lovely twist pattern:

I really enjoy the whole knitting process and it’s nice to have something to keep my hands busy while I’m relaxing in the evening, usually in front of the tv. I can sort of veg out but still feel productive. The hardest thing at this point is my fear of dropping stitches. I haven’t quite figured out how to fix things except to totally fudge it (the multi-colored yarn is hiding a multitude of sins I think). I have never really knit with anyone (i.e., seen how they do it). My only teachers are books or internet videos, so it will be fun to join a knitting group and see how other people work.

While I’m here in Chicago I hope to go to a few yarn stores and see what’s out there. Also get some yarn to start on a new project.


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