Could this be our new home?

Chicago House

I am up in Chicago and the past few days I have been looking at houses and getting pre-approval for a mortgage loan. I have realized a few things:

  • buying a house in Chicago is expensive even in the “less desirable” areas
  • it sucks to be self-employed when you are trying to get a loan
  • Chicago has a great park district and an even greater library
  • highways are confusing
  • driving around in the inner city is even more confusing
  • there are Dunkin’ Donuts everywhere!

So this may be our potential house. There are some great things about it:

  • It belonged to my grandparents for over fifty years! (I have lots of fond memories in this house)
  • It’s in West Lawn, which is a fairly nice neighborhood with a growing Latino population.
  • It is one block from the cutest elementary school I have ever seen
  • It is one mile from Marquette Park
  • It is a few steps from a bus stop and two miles from a train stop.
  • It has three floors: basement, main, and attic, and a small fenced in backyard and detatched garage

Then, there are some things that are not so great:

  • The basement and attic need a complete overhaul
  • It’s a bit crammed for space
  • The main floor needs to be opened up and new kitchen cabinets would be quite an improvement
  • It needs new windows
  • The garage needs new siding (and a good cleaning)
  • And the green railings have got to go, but black spray paint would take care of that

I am looking at more houses on Saturday, so we’ll see what’s out there. Right now it looks like not much in our price range.

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One Response to “Could this be our new home?”

  1. Jeff from Josiah Says:

    How could you! God forbide that you would buy and not move into Josiah. What happened to Logan Square?? Call me at 773/447-8067. I can help.

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