Dreadlock Update

My dreadlocks seem pretty popular, at least with the google searchers, so I thought I would tell you how the little dreadies are doing. Well, I haven’t taken them out yet, so that’s a good sign. Initially, it took about 20 hours to put these babies in – that’s twenty hours of having your husband pull your hair so you can imagine how that went by the end (and yes, my wonderful husband, who is willing to put up with all my weird “phases” has been the only one to do my dreads). The tips of the dreads weren’t really dreaded, so I kept rubber bands in them for a few weeks. My hair really isn’t made for dreadlocks, but I make do with what I have. Those of you with thick, curly, knotty hair, I’m jealous. My hair is thick but I swear each strand is as smooth as a baby’s butt. They just don’t want to knot together and stay.

So, the initial dreadies mostly undreaded themselves when I would wash them. I was probably washing them too often, about once a week or so. Now I wash them about once every two or three weeks…go ahead and say it: I’m gross, but they’re dreadlocks, people! I’m not trying to be on the cover of Vogue with this hairstyle! Anyway so my husband (my wonderful, patient, awesome husband!) has been working on a few of the dreadies each night to really put them in well. This involves some very hard pulling and using a metal-tooth comb to backcomb each dready into submission. Then I use Knotty Boy‘s dread wax on each dread. I try to wax all of them once every two to three weeks.

As you can probably see in the pictures (I’m using my camera phone here because the battery on my Nikon D50 is dead), there are still some dreads in there, mostly on the bottom, that need to be worked on. I think I have 130-150 of these babies so the re-dreading is taking some time. But I’m pretty satisfied with them, but I have to push myself not to be compulsive about the flyaways. I usually wear a bandana or hat of sorts because I’m little self-conscious of them.

Would I recommend getting dreads? Sure, they are fun, something new, make people think, and make other people stare at you funny (oh, I love that!). But they are not easier than normal hair, at least not for me. I have a pretty dry scalp, so there are times when my head is on-fire itchy. I have found that making a tea of rosemary leaves and then applying (once cooled) with a cotton ball helps with the itchies. Also, I have to constantly roll the tips of my dreads between my fingers, though this gives me something to do with my hands, which helps if you’re a generally anxious and more tactile person anyway.

I will probably keep them for another year or so. I heard that after the first year, they pretty much take care of themselves. That would be nice. If it gets to that point I might keep them forever. Granny with dreads…that would be sweet!


4 Responses to “Dreadlock Update”

  1. Nathan Says:

    You got a Rob Bell quote, and you got dreadlocks! Awesome.

    You can check out my site, and the about page w/ my pics, but you gotta email me so we can chat more.

    I’ll add you to my blogroll, but it’s hard to find dreadheads w/ blogs. 😦


  2. aaron Says:

    this is probably way too late and you probably don’t need any help now since your dreads should be getting pretty mature. you are probably finding out if you still have them that they don’t need much work anymore. i was going to let you know that you should just wash your hair in tea tree oil. it helps pull all the oils off your scalp and hair so that the dreads tighten up quicker. plus it is a residue free way to wash your hair. i have also heard of using baking soda and water to clean them and apparently that works really well. you should wash them a couple times a week to keep them oil free. and keep using the rosemary. it really is good for dry scalp and when you are removing the oil buildup on your scalp it does get itchy.

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  4. Samuel L. Says:

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