Handmade Tuesdays: Starting Seeds

So, what do you do when your house is on the market but you have finished cleaning every square inch of your house multiple times…why, start a garden of course? I was going back and forth about whether or not I should start some veggie plants. My thought was that if I started the garden, I would want to stick around for the harvest (or maybe I would curse myself into not selling the house until the end of September) but I want some more practice at this growing-your-own-food thing. A green thumb certainly doesn’t come naturally to me. I think I have more of a brown, maybe khaki-colored thumb. So more practice couldn’t hurt. Even if all the plants died, it wouldn’t be much of a loss and I would (hopefully) learn something in the process.

So last week I got out my Pot Maker – a wonderful hand-me-down Christmas gift from my aunt – and got to work.

It’s pretty easy to use. Just cut wide strips of newspaper, wrap them around the knobby thing, and push the whole thing into the base. The base crunches up the bottom of the newspaper and creates a little pot. Fill with organic potting soil, a few seeds, water, and then wait. I placed all the pots into a little tray which comes with a plastic lid (this is just an aluminum baking pan – $2.50 or something for two at Wal-Mart). Then I set the whole thing on top of the refrigerator so that the heat of the working fridge with inspire my little babies to grow. The lid is to keep my cat out and keep in the warmth.

Last year I bought one of the greenhouse tray things with the little pellets that you put the seeds in. $12.50 or something plus more for the pellet things. And the thing really didn’t work! This was much cheaper and a few days later, my seeds are actually starting. I have lots of lettuce, some basil, and some tomato going (no pictures currently because my camera battery needs some recharging). The squash, zucchini, eggplant, and spinach are taking their time but that’s okay. The next step will be getting the seedlings big enough to put in the ground. That may take a few weeks. I’ll try to keep track of my progress here.

Today will be another full day of rain (it is such a blessing to have a dog who is scared of thunder and jumps into your bed whenever she hears it…keeping you awake all night…please, note the sarcasm). But the rain should be good for the annuals and shrubs I planted over the weekend. Thank goodness I mowed yesterday because the rain is also good for the weeds.


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