Crawfish Boil

Saturday, the hubby and I went to a good-time ol’ fashioned crawfish boil at a friend’s house. Being from Chicago, I had never attended – okay, never even heard of – a crawfish boil, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I case you’re wondering, these are crawfish:

Our friends had them shipped live (like lobsters I guess) and then they are thrown into a pot of boiling water with all kinds of other good stuff.

Surprisingly, none of the kids were scared of these little suckers. And let me tell you, there were a lot of kids at this thing (all the kiddos gave me a little – no, actually, a TON – of baby fever).

The dogs also enjoyed the crawfish.

This is my kind of meal. They actually just poured about 15 pounds of crawfish, potatoes, and corn on each table.

To eat the crawfish, you have to break off the tail and then suck the meat out of the tail. It is a bit complicated. Lots of hard work for a little bit of meat. The experience is the fun part. Oh, and the stuffed belly.

These are my leftovers.

Then they poured shrimp on the table.

Then we had dessert. Notice that I’m photographing the photographing of the cupcakes (and that Brad is trying to sneak one).

Then there was playtime!

The whole time I was thinking, could we get a giant pot like that and do a crawfish boil in Chicago. Brad says he could use a giant pot for making beer. Could we use one pot for beer and crawfish? Or is that gross?

Anyway, crawfish boil = good times in my book.


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