Handmade: Oven Mitt

My wonderful mother-in-law wrapped up my birthday present in some really fun red fabric with dogs on it. My present was a set of kitchen towels, also with dogs on them, which is great because my kitchen towels had been looking kind of ratty. So I thought it would be a great idea to use the fabric to make an oven mitt

First I laid out one of my oven mitts on top of the fabric, which was folded in half. I traced about an inch around the outside of the mitt. Then I cut out the pieces and used those pieces as templates to cut out some black quilted cotton fabric, which will be the inside of my mitt.

I pinned the four pieces of fabric together and then sewed it all up. Around the bottom of the mitt, where your hand goes in, I folded the fabric up so it makes a nice edge. Now, I haven’t used my sewing machine for at least 6 months, and this only took me about a half hour, so we’ll just say it was pretty dang easy.

It’s not the most well-made oven mitt there ever was, but it sure is cute and it will be very useful. I even have enough fabric left over to make another one, and probably a potholder too.


One Response to “Handmade: Oven Mitt”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Adorable! Very crafty!

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