Handmade: The Stash

In knitopia, there is this well-known phenomenon called “The Stash.” Most common usages of this title include:

  • The Stash is overflowing all over my bedroom floor.
  • I added some 100% merino to The Stash today.
  • It’s my New Years’ Resolution to burn up The Stash.

On Ravelry (I heart Ravelry), there are groups dedicated soley to The Stash: Stash Knit Down 2008, Stash Busters, S.A.B.L.E. – Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy, and so on. So I had never heard of this word before a few months ago when I began creating a stash of my own. Simply put, The Stash is a knitter’s stock of yarn. I only started knitting in January and before I knew it I had skeins of yarn stuffed in every available bin and basket.

When the monster, er, I mean, the cat discovered her own personal talent for taking balls of yarn out of the forementioned baskets, I knew I had to find another way. Here’s my solution to organizing my Stash:

The rule is that I can only acquire the yarn that will fit in these bins. If I have too much yarn, I will have to use it up before I buy more. I have read “horror stories” – that is horror stories only if you have an intense type-A personality like I do – of knitters with bins and bins and bins and bins full of yarn. For those people, that’s probably a great thing, and I do know the joy of finding the perfect yarn and wanting to buy it without a project or a plan for it. But I need to keep a rein on my stash so that I know what yarn I have and don’t buy duplicates, so that I don’t take up too much space in our new little apartment in Chi-town, so that I don’t explode with disorganization (we type-A’s tend to do that).

So I have four bins: one for sweaters that I’m going to unravel for yarn, one for wool and alternative yarns (soy, bamboo, silk), one for cotton and acrylic yarns, and one for my knitting needles, tools, and works in progress. I cut out letters from magazines in order to label each of the bins.

And since the bins aren’t full yet, I was able to add to my stash the past couple of weeks. I have been planning for Christmas knitting. Yes, I know…ALREADY! But you must remember that since we haven’t moved yet (and therefore I haven’t been able to find a job) my primary responsibilities all day are cleaning (as little as possible), preparing meals, and surfing teh Intarweb for cool stores/restaurants/farmers markets to go to in Chicago. Oh yeah. And knitting. And not sewing.

So, anyway. Here’s some shots of the yarn I have gotten recently for the making of Christmas gifts.

There’s some gorgeous hand-dyed Blueface Leicester Wool (please notice that it already has cat hair in it) that I can’t wait to start working with – and I have a wonderful project in store for that. I also have two skeins of Cascade 220 Peruvian Highland Wool and lots and lots of Rowan 4-ply merino wool. It almost makes me giddy to think of the projects I have planned. Now, hopefully I will complete them all by December. It is only June after all – I think I can make it.


One Response to “Handmade: The Stash”

  1. Melanie Says:

    WOW! You are some organized!!!!!

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