Every Tuesday I write about do-it-yourself projects that I’m currently involved in. Some of my interests include:

  • knitting,
  • sewing (maybe, someday),
  • photography,
  • home repair, and
  • gardening.
The Stash
I only started knitting in January and before I knew it I had skeins of yarn stuffed in every available bin and basket. Here’s my system for organizing my stash.
Veggie Garden
My vegetable garden has been a two-year project. Last year with all the weeding a mulching, I think I didn’t experience the joy of gardening, just the hard sweat and unending toil of gardening. Plus, I only grew three types of plants. And summer squash gets old after about 3 days. This year I am striving for much more diversity. See what I’m up to here.
Baby Onsie
A current long-term work in progress. This baby onesie is made from bamboo/wool yarn. Watch my progress here.
Oven Mitt
My wonderful mother-in-law wrapped up my birthday present in some really fun red fabric with dogs on it. My present was a set of kitchen towels, also with dogs on them, o I thought it would be a great idea to use the fabric to make an oven mitt.
DIY Grout Cleaner
I have had to experiment with many a grout cleaner, and the simplest, cheapest, most non-toxic way to clean grout is with two very basic ingredients that I know you have in your house right now: baking soda and vinegar. Here’s how to do it.
Baby Booties
With lots of leftover yarn, I decided to take on a small project and knit up some baby booties. These are so quick and easy. I think I will make lots of them for future bambinos!
Starting Seeds
So, what do you do when your house is on the market but you have finished cleaning every square inch of your house multiple times…why, start a garden of course? Here’s a some simple advice on how to start a veggie garden for only a few dollars.

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