Every Thursday I write about theology, Jesus, and the church. I am always discovering new things in scripture and I want to share them here including:

  • living like a disciple,
  • emergent theology,
  • social justice,
  • the Gospel, and
  • the character of God.
Part 1: Community with God

Part 2: The One Anothers

Part 3: How are you doing today?

At some points I wonder whether this is what God really wants for us. Would he make it so difficult, force me to be so patient, if this was really the way? Then I am reminded of all the times in scripture when people had to wait for God’s will to be accomplished.
Jesus for President
Shane and Chris take a look a look at what the world was like when Jesus walked the earth and see a lot of parallels between the Roman lifestyle and the American lifestyle, and that is not a good thing. They point to the ideas of materialism, militarism, and greed, and come to the conclusion that if we say that we are following Jesus we cannot live like that. Instead we must live just like Jesus. This is a book that everyone should read.
Church and the Arts
How did we get to this point when church services were made up of 20 minutes of music and 40 minutes of preaching? I’m not criticizing, just wondering. How can we use those in our churches who have been given artistic gifts? What does the Bible have to say about the arts? I just skim the surface here.

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