Social Frays

Every Wednesday I write about some kind of social issue, usually about folks in our global family who are on the fringes. Topics include:

  • Poverty,
  • racial reconciliation,
  • human trafficking,
  • malnutrition,
  • health care, and
  • community.
Human Trafficking
One estimate says that there are over 27 million people living in slavery today. Wikipedia states that the global slave trade is “estimated to be a $5 to $9 billion-a-year industry.” Learn more about human trafficking and what we can do about it.”
We were listening to a segment from This American Life where a Lawndale resident complained that she could tell that Lawndale was gentrifying because of all the white people walking their dogs. And I thought, “Wait. I am white. And I have dogs. So if we move to Lawndale, will the residents just see me as one of those people.”
Josiah Community
The Josiah Community is a group of folks coming together with the vision to create and intentional Christian community and urban ministry learning center in North Lawndale, Chicago. It all starts here.
Foster Care
In 2006, there were 510,000 children in the foster care system, with nearly half of those children waiting to be adopted. When I think about foster kids, I have such a vision for the church to be the answer for these kids. Each of these children is known and loved by God. Learn more.
Sudan. The word brings to mind images of dusty refugee camps and the swollen bellies of malnourished children. But why? How did this nation come to be filled with problems – starvation, sickness, mines, genocide – that overwhelm the conscience? Learn more about the complex struggles in Sudan.

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