Fair Trade

Every Friday is Fair Trade Friday, where I write about political and social topics surrounding the stuff we buy. Topics include:

  • food justice (my particular passion),
  • sweatshops,
  • organic products,
  • international trade, and
  • global debt.
I’ll admit it: I love chocolate. Especially good fair trade dark chocolate. And how can fair trade chocolate transform the chocolate industry, especially the lives of chocolate farmers? Find out.
What to Wear?
Being a woman, I think it is required that thinking about clothes take at least 2-3% of my brain space. The question is where did those clothes come from?
Real coffee, the dark brown stuff that comes from your coffee maker, actually originally grows on a bush, as bright red berries! No really. It’s true. And there’s lots more to learn about coffee and those folks who grow your cup o’ joe.
Fair Trade: The Basics
What exactly is fair trade and why is it important? If you’ve been seeing this little symbol in the store a lot lately and wondering exactly what it means, you can find some background information here.

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